Weeks of preparation are completed and With Love TC is accepting submissions for our first physical release, With Love, Your Coffee Shop • Volume I. This compilation hopes to provide a sizeable contribution to the Twin Cities Music Community Trust for artists and staff affected by COVID-19.

VIN performs to a full house at Caydence Records & Coffee

The last show at Caydence Records & Coffee was held Saturday March 14th, and since then the venue has been closed. Many other places shut down before, or shortly after this date. Mat Graske of Caydence had an idea to get the ball rolling on a compilation that would be open submission and inclusion would be voted on by blind panel. enter Five Watt Coffee. Five watt, in partner with Caydence was interested in being a host to the project as well. As of May 22nd 2020, an introductory video was released with Caleb Garn of Five Watt Coffee, and Gregg Schmitt of Caydence Records & Coffee. Copycats Hi-Fi Media is on board for a significant donation of the initial release of digital download and CDs, and StudioArcade Mastering will be providing the selected submissions with a much needed audio polishing to gel well with each other for the vinyl and CD releases.

Stay tuned to With Love TC for updates to the project as it moves along, submission count, and the future of With Love Twin Cities. With Love TC plans to continue following the release of the compilation and a Statewide and Midwest media content platform that is brought to you by artists and creators in the scene itself. Be well and see you soon!


Co-Owner of Caydence Records & Coffee.


Austin Willette · May 23, 2020 at 2:15 pm

Where can we submit our song for this amazing Vinyl and Coffee Shop Album idea?

    Gregg · May 23, 2020 at 8:53 pm

    front page, click the large text “ARTIST SUBMISSION” – Please carefully read and then fill out the form with a link to your song!

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